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Who Is Hackabu?

Hackabu is a team of growth hackers who generate growth in startups, scale-ups, spinoffs and companies. Our team is international and works in different ecosystems around the world. We are T-shaped marketers whose collective ares of expertise spans 20 traction channels. We are united by our passion for innovation and our tireless quest to spawn growth for companies as well as in our lives and the lives of those around us. We choose our team members carefully based on their mindset, expertise, creativity, and willingness to grow.

Our mission

We joined forces to grow the startup ecosystem by transferring our know-how and expertise to businesses that want to grow. We will hold your hand, consult or even gently shake you (if needed) until you achieve your goals.

Who we work with

We work with companies we believe in. Our business is built on trust and transparency. More often than not, we choose our clients based on those values and their willingness to grow and try new things. Growth hacking is a process that requires seamless communication on both ends. In no uncertain terms: we work with our clients and not for them.

This allows us to grow your business faster, as we use your knowledge (no one knows your baby like you do) and our expertise to find the best way to grow your business. The process of growth hacking is built on experiments, some of which are extremely successful while others provide better understanding and insight. Both elements are equally important. Rest assured: if you have product/market fit, we will hack your growth.

What we believe

We believe in innovation, lean methodology, data (which never lies), goals and transparency.

The Hackabu growth-hacking team

Get to know our dedicated team of growth hackers from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our skill sets are as diverse and complementary as our nationalities and interests. Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts!
Tamir Israely
Alex Meyer
Theresa Zöchmeister
Chief Growth Officer
Dominik Meyer
Growth Hacker
Valentin Schulz
Growth Hacker
Julia Haitzmann
Growth Hacker & Sales
Andra Coros
Growth Hacker
Stefan Markov
Growth Hacker
Martin Parkos
Corporate Sales Manager
Stefan Lassnig
Corporate Sales Manager
Nir Hasson
Growth Hacker
Daniel Douek
Growth Hacker
Paulina Jarosz
Project Manager
Gabriel Fonseca
Growth Hacker
Bradford Goodwin
Growth Hacker
Hackabu Team Project Manager Sasha Lipman
Sasha Lipman
Project Manager
Hackabu Team Christian Gwiggner
Christian Gwiggner
Customer Growth
Hackabu Team Nirajan Shrestha
Nirajan Shrestha
Growth Intern

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