Why does your team need this growth-hacking training?


You’ve heard everyone talking about Growth Hacking and how amazing it can be for your business, right?
But you are still not quite sure what Growth Hacking actually is.
This is where we come in.
Let us teach you and your team the Growth Hacking process.
Once you go through our training process you will be able to instill Growth Hacking into your company’s DNA!

What will happen during the 2-day growth-hacking workshop?

This workshop will teach your team how to achieve sustainable growth, from laying the foundation to structuring the growth process.

When it’s over, your team will:

1. Master the growth-hacking process
2. Know the most up-to-date ways to acquire new customers and engender customer loyalty.
3. Learn how to use conversion rate optimization to get the most out of your acquisition efforts and your website traffic.
4. Understand how to use your knowledge of your current customers to gain new customers while simultaneously increasing the lifetime value of your current customers.

Agenda for Day 1 (approx. 8 hours)

• Growth hacking intro keynote - trends, case studies, stories
• Growth foundations - funnels, hard + soft data, UX, personas, psychology
• Acquisition - 20 traction channels, landing pages, piggyback on your competitors

Agenda for day 2 (approx. 8 hours)

• Activation-gamification, CRO, Lead nurturing
• Referral-virality, referral/ambassador programs
• Exercises & presentations-growth backlog, growth strategy, hands-on exercises
and data
and engineering

Tell me more about growth hacking!

Growth hacking originated in Silicon Valley, but today it is being implemented all over the world. Why? Because it works. It’s a form of marketing that relies on data analysis and experimentation.

It’s more than just a technique or a strategy – it’s a mindset.

In essence, it's an easy-to-learn marketing and sales methodology.

Growth hacking also touches on other areas, such as agile project management, conversion rate optimization, data analysis.

The process is all about experimentation, trying new things, monitoring, analyzing, and tweaking.

Traditional marketing vs. growth hacking

Traditional marketers follow traditional marketing practices.

They work with budgets, publicity, and advertising. These are not bad things, but their results are difficult to measure accurately, are hard to scale, and involve a lot of guesswork.

Growth hackers, on the other hand, have thrown their traditional marketing practices out the window.

Instead, they rely on data: on what can be tracked, measured, tested, and scaled!

Ready to adopt the growth-hacking mindset?

During this 2-day workshop, our team of dedicated growth hackers will teach your team all there is to know about growth hacking. Let us transform your marketing & sales teams into growth hackers.

We come and we train your team – and you start hacking your growth!

Get your free growth-hacking consultation now!

Our growth hackers will show you everything you need to know to grow your business.

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