Why Hackabu loves ICOs

(and why ICOs love us back)

Our team loves and welcomes new technology. We are great fans of the blockchain, which is why we get excited every time we welcome a new ICO onboard. Growth hacking is the future of marketing, and as growth hackers, we can clearly see that blockchain is the future, too.

Growth hacking + blockchain = a match made in heaven

Growth hacking - the crypto way

ICOs demand special attention. A marketing campaign for an ICO would usually be much different than one for a more usual business. That’s why our crypto growth hackers will tap into more crypto-specific channels and strategies.

We know building a community around an ICO is crucial, which is why we will help you build up & nurture your Telegram groups, Bitcointalk threads, and email lists.

We will help you get the most out of both traditional social media networks and more niche ones, such as Reddit and Quora.

We will also help you develop and maintain an engaging bounty program in order to turn your supporters into ICO ambassadors.
ICOs can be nerve-racking, we know. There’s a lot at stake usually. This is why we are here, to support you all the way through crucial moments like preparations, pre-ICO, ICO launch, etc. Together with you, we are essentially a team that works together on your ICO, which is why you can always turn to us.
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and engineering

Why Growth Hacking?

Just like any Startup, your ICO needs to gain traction if you want to be successful. You need to reach your target audience and make sure they believe in what you do. Growth Hacking allows you to speed up your growth rates by helping you quickly identify what works best for your business and then it allows you to scale up quickly.

We start working together - but what happens now?

With us, it’s all about performance, so performance marketing is a big part of our work. We will only use resources for activities we can track, measure, and scale up. No more wasting marketing resources for activities that don’t drive performance up.

We use the AARRR funnel to ensure we get to the best performance levels throughout the whole customer journey. We will acquire new users continuously, but we’ll also retain and engage our acquired audience.

    1. Acquisition: How do you get the most qualified traffic of investors onto your ICO page?

    2. Activation: How do you get that traffic active, and how do you make them take the next step?

    3. Retention: How do you retain your audience’s interest?

    4. Referral: How do you transform your most engaged users into ambassadors of your ICO?

    5. Revenue: How do you actually get the most out of your ICO community?

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