Evidence-Based Marketing

At Hackabu, digital marketing is driven by business goals and focused on the target audience. We use an integrated and agile approach, harnessing synergies across our team, and keep a close watch on results to ensure the best ROI for your marketing efforts.
Growth Analysis +
Strategy + Execution
Analysis of all your existing customer data
Everything in Growth Analysis
Growth Plan & OKR
Implementation of needed Growth Tools
Setting up & Execution of experiments
Continuous tracking & reporting
Constant Backlog refinement & evaluation
Knowledge Transfer
Growth Analysis
Analysis of all your existing customer data
Analysis of current traction channels performance
Identification of new potential
growth drivers (channels)
Initial Growth backlog prep
Growth Analysis +
Everything in Growth Analysis
Support in Growth activities
Consulting on the Growth Hacking Process
Knowledge Transfer

Our Marketing Services

Social Media

Strategy: Your Secret for Social Success
There's more to getting value from social media than beating the latest algorithm change. We don't sell you on a new social network just because it's trendy, and we don't suggest one tactic over another just because it worked for us in the past. Every strategic plan we deliver is built on a deep understanding of your audience, based on both statistical data and direct interactions with your customers.
Great Social Doesn't Come From Thin Air
It begins with a social media strategy that defines a target audience and establishes a brand voice and mission. Hackabu provides themes for social content, a posting schedule and strategies for increasing engagement and reach across the social networks that matter most for your business. The real joy begins when the strategy is in motion and interaction takes over. After all, it's called "social" for a reason.

Content Marketing

Content is Queen, Context is King. Now Bow Before The Throne.
Make Content Count
Content marketing that breaks through the noise is not a matter of luck. It comes from knowing what your audience wants and providing experiences that bring joy to their lives – creating unique content that begs to be shared. We help clients develop a content strategy and editorial calendar and provide the creative and technical resources to keep a consistent flow of content that will engage their target audience.


Automation + Strategy = Automagic
Automated for the People
What better way to spread the word about your business than through automated email marketing? It's also a powerful way to connect with customers, clients, and prospects. Our email marketing strategies come from years of experience and a close study of your audiences and their needs.

Email as a 1:1 Conversation
We take email personally. We don't just load up a bunch of emails and fire them from a marketing cannon. First we make crucial decisions such as how to package the content, what, if any, of the campaign should be automated, and when the target audience is most likely to open and engage with the content. The result is an email plan that meshes with your brand strategy to nurture profitable long-term relationships with your clients.

Overview of Services

Social Media
Social Media Audit

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Content Planning

Social Media Account Management

Social Media Advertising

Influencer & Micro-Influencer Marketing
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Content Marketing
Content Audit

Keyword Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Planning

Content Creation (Blog Articles, Ebooks, Infographics)

Content Distribution
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Email Campaign & Automation

Marketing Automation
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Tool Creation
Web-Based Tool Conception & Creation

Tool Distribution
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Web Design
Website Design

Landing Page Creation

Web Copy Optimization
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Brand Naming & Product Naming

Logo Creation

Communication Materials
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