How We Grow Your Business

Digital transformation means businesses have to change. You have to be able to adapt quickly to evolving markets and keep the ship afloat on stormy seas. Everyone seems to have an opinion on how you should run your company. Growth hacking solves this problem because it relies on the facts - on your data. So how does it work?

Premium Growth Package

Achieving your overall business growth

Maximum growth requires professional preparation and agile working. That's why our special offer is divided into several phases for your ultimate growth.
12 weeks
Paid Analysis
Website Analysis
Organic Analysis
Kick-Off Workshop
Competitive Analysis
Measurement Plan
Optional: Meeting with External Agency
Setting Your Growth Goals
12-Month Growth Plan
From 3 Months Onward
The Growth Process

Get Ready for Growth

Our growth package offers you:
Knowledge, data and insights
Collect so much data you can rely on that it’s nearly impossible to make any new misjudgements.
More efficient advertising
With all the insight we’ll gain, your marketing efforts will achieve more results at a lower cost.
Become a thought leader
You’ll be part of our team. So you’ll learn how to manage processes more flexibly, faster and in an agile way.

Channels We Specialize In

Growing your results on specific channels

If you already know which channel(s) work best for you, we’ll use this knowledge to spawn immediate growth! Please consider the AARRR funnel below and decide which phase you’re in.
25+ channels and techniques provided
A/B tests
Google Ads
Affiliate marketing
Bing Ads
Content marketing
CRO - conversion rate optimisation
Deep user segmentation
Email marketing
Facebook and Instagram Ads
Influencer marketing
Landing pages
LinkedIn Ads
Loyalty-/Member- Clubs
Multivariant tests
Customer lifetime value
Pricing models
Paid activation
Social Ads
Referral programs
Relationship marketing
Other peoples' network
UX/UI tests
Viral marketing
Xing Ads
Lead nurturing
Please select the marketing channels and techniques you are interested in or the funnel stage you are in.
  • Awareness
  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Referral
  • Revenue
Selected channel and technique
A/B tests
Good for Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral
Data is better than gut feeling. The more you test, the more you know.
Google Ads
Good for Awareness, Acquisition, Activation
You use Google Search daily, so do the other 99,7% of us. It's time to get your Search ads running.
Affiliate marketing
Good for Acquisition, Revenue
Word-of-mouth is the oldest trick in marketing. It's also one of the most powerful ones. Get the most out of it with the best affilites withinyour niche.
Bing Ads
Good for Awareness, Acquisition, Activation
So much untapped potential lies within Bing. Time to dive into the Bing Search audience too!
Content marketing
Good for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral
That's what matters most: trustworthy and reliable informations for your clients with the extra service.
CRO - conversion rate optimisation
Good for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral
The ultimate goal - conversions. Our Conversion Rate Optimisation hacks will help you make the most out of your traffic.
Deep user segmentation
Good for Activation, Retention, Referral
Dive deep into the minds of your customers. Utilize the power of machine learning to get a razer sharp understading of your users, their behaviour and how they make decisions.
Email marketing
Good for Activation, Retention, Referral
With an ROI of 38, Email is still king. Reach out to new or existing users, use behavior-driven email automation and always reach your audience in the right moment.
Facebook and Instagram Ads
Good for Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral
We're all on Facebook, even our grandparents! On the other hand all the cool kids are on Instagram - it's about time you finally take advantage of the platforms' targeting capabilities & reach your target audience.
Good for Activation, Referral
Life is game: get playful and convince your customers to interact with you more frequently.
Influencer marketing
Good for Awareness, Acquisition, Referral
Don't just use any influencers to reach out to audiences. Get in touch with the right ones within your niche and make them a brand champion your audience will love!
Landing pages
Good for Acquisition, Activation
Don't overhaul your website with changes for each new campaign - Use flexibe CRO Landing Pages instead and enjoy the incoming conversions.
LinkedIn Ads
Good for Awareness, Acquisition
Searching for B2B solutions? With some LinkedIn hacks you can reach out to very interesting business audiences.
Loyalty-/Member- Clubs
Good for Retention
Reward your most loyal customers accordingly, analyze their behavior, and acquire new ones that are likely to be loyal too
Multivariant tests
Good for Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral
You know A/B-Tests? Then you totally should try Multivariant-Tests too. Eliminate guesswork completely, once and for all.
Customer lifetime value
Good for Revenue
Always know how much each new customer is worth to you & always know what is the right next move to increase their Life-time value.
Pricing models
Good for Revenue
Pricing is "big game". We have all the hacks needed to help you become a "big-game hunter".
Paid activation
Good for Activation
Your target audience might need a small extra push in the right direction. Use paid media to help them take "that next step" inside your funnel
Social Ads
Good for Awareness, Activation, Retention
Friends can be the biggest influencers. Use friends-related ads and influence your audience in the right way & at the right time.
Referral programs
Good for Referral
Happy customers buy again & again. They also refer friends - launch a referral camapign with the right incentives & encourage them to share your brand's story.
Relationship marketing
Good for Activation, Retention, Referral
Even more important to be recommended once, is to achieve sustainable and long-lasting relationships with your customers.
Other peoples' network
Good for Awareness, Acquisition
You don't have to be all alone againts the world - use strategic partnerships to grow your business really fast.
UX/UI tests
Good for Activation, Retention, Referral
You know your funnel - it's time to design it. Guide users smoothly throughout the whole funnel journey. Don't worry, we've got the right UX/UI hacks to help you.
Viral marketing
Good for Acquisition, Referral
We've all been powerless due to the Virality of certain events, products, etc. Let us show you how you can utilize the power of Viral marketing.
Xing Ads
Good for Awareness, Acquisition
Want to reach your targets in DACH markets? Xing is the top dog in DACH! Use it for both Acquisition and Activation of new targets
Lead nurturing
Good for Activation
You fight hard for your leads. Let us help you nurture them right & automate the whole process.
Selected AARRR stage
How do I introduce my brand to potential customers?
Awareness metrics focus on the brand-building aspect of your marketing efforts. The ultimate goal is to tie awareness campaigns to objectives lower in the funnel, so that you are driving brand awareness for the right people.
Where are my users coming from?
Your funnel is only as good as the customers you acquire at the first stage. The key to success here is obtaining the most qualified traffic.
Are your users happy with their first taste of you?
Once you have acquired qualified traffic, you need a solid on-boarding strategy to clearly communicate your value proposition to discoverers of your product or service.
Do users keep coming back?
You want your customers to make a habit of using your product. They should be addicted to your great user experience! A good way to keep this stage running smoothly is through marketing automation. When the right retention methods are in place, you will see value rather than just envision it.
A great measure of organic growth is the number of people who are talking about your product and recommending it to their peers. This stage is about transformation: turning your most engaged users into your ambassadors.
Are you making money?
Users have finally bought or subscribed to your product and are using your service. They are now your customers, but the journey has just begun! The best way to increase revenue is to get more value from your customers than you spend to acquire them. That means optimising your funnel, tweaking your pricing, and maximizing audience engagement.
Why You'll Want to Work With Us
Achieving Growth on Targeted Channels
We are transparent and don’t take control over ad accounts (what’s yours is yours)
We are all about efficiency - finding the most efficient way to reach your goal
We have holistic view and look at different pieces of marketing and company to carve the perfect path for success
We always use data to make decisions, are 100% performance oriented and work with the company’s most important KPIs
We teach our clients and transfer our know-how to them as we believe knowledge = power
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Our Growth Cases

Increased applications and conversion rate increased by 37.7%
Up to 5
qualified and high-ticked leads per week
Conversion rate for the main landing page - up from 7% in the first batch
Leads generated pre-ICO, more than 2mio US$ raised
Masters of Dirt logo black invert
2x (double)
Revenue per month and still climbing using visitor recordings to do conversion rate optimization and continuous segmentation of target audience
Raised on Kickstarter using viral marketing and referral campaigns
Higher revenue than the best year in a 10-year period, most successful black friday promotion ever
Conversion rate through a/b testing
Highly qualified B2B partnerships with less than 200€ ad spend
Reduced CPL by testing 11 different countries over 5 continents to build custom pre-campaign audiences and coordinating viral sharing campaigns

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Chief Business Development Officer
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Job description

Hackabu ( is a team of growth hackers and digital marketing experts who work together to grow startups, scale-ups, and companies of all sizes. Our team consists of experts from a wide range of countries whose complementary skill sets cover every aspect of digital marketing.

As Head of Growth, you and your team will spearhead Hackabu’s expansion and spread the growth mindset throughout the world!

Key responsibilities:

You are:

The ideal candidate:

What we offer:

Sound like you? Then please submit your application here by the end of January 2019!

Hackabu ( is a team of growth hackers who pooled their talents to generate growth in startups, scale-ups, spinoffs, and companies. Our team is international and works in different ecosystems around the world.

Now we are looking for a passionate, devoted, and cheerful individual with a flair for organizing and the ability to perform diverse and challenging project management tasks in a fast-paced environment.

Your responsibilities:

● To update clients regularly on the progress of our growth hacking process
● To ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget
● To allocate and coordinate project resources and manage budget
● To identify and evaluate customers’ needs to deliver satisfaction
● To manage complaints, provide proper solutions and options within the time limits; follow up to secure resolution
● To assist in the definition of project scope and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility
● To report and escalate to management as needed
● To meet with clients to take detailed ordering briefs and establish the specific requirements for each project
● To track and report project performance, specifically to analyze the successful completion of short and long-term goals
● To perform other related duties as needed
● To go the extra mile to engage customers

Your Profile:

● Some proven customer support experience or experience as a client service representative
● Track record of not just meeting, but exceeding quota requirements
● Have solid organizational skills, including attention to detail and multitasking skills
● Strong phone administration skills and active listening capabilities
● Customer orientation and capacity to adapt/respond to different types of characters
● Exceptional client-facing communication and presentation skills
● Team player with the ability to work independently
● Have strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office
● University degree
● Fluent English and native German
● Design and/or writing skills are a plus

The ideal candidate:

● Has strong critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
● Has excellent decision-making and leadership capabilities
● Has conflict resolution experience
● Knows to prioritize and work efficiently
● Is skilled at diplomacy and has well-developed interpersonal skills
● Able to motivate team members

What we offer:

● Full-time position with a competitive salary in the range 30 000 – 40 000€ gross annually and opportunity to offer a higher salary depending on your professional experience and qualification.
● Knowledge and experience: you will learn how a startup operates and be involved in strategic management decisions. If you are interested in startups and growth hacking, this is THE place to be!
● Passion and growth: our drive is our passion for growth hacking, innovation and the everlasting desire to see growth in ourselves and everyone around us.
● Startup environment: our office is located in the heart of the startup scene, with public transportation and the Donau Canal in close proximity. The office alone will make you want to work at our company.
● Awesome colleagues: we hire only the best and brightest, so if you are chosen, you are part of the family!

Free muesli, fruits and fun monthly team events!

Sound good?

Then you can start here your application and please submit until end of January 2019!

Project Manager

Hackabu ( is a team of growth hackers and digital advisors who came together to generate growth in startups, scale-ups, spinoffs and corporates. Our team is international and works in different ecosystems around the world.
Now we are looking for a passionate, devoted individual, who is experienced and talented in managing projects and can handle diverse and challenging tasks in this area.
In this role you will focus on helping companies across various industries to deliver product development and marketing strategies. This position will manage all communications with the client, enable technology solutions and help improve company’s operations.

Your responsibilities will be:


Your profile:


The ideal candidate:


What we offer:


Sound good? Then you can start here your application and please submit until end of January 2019!