Is growth hacking marketing magic?

Growth marketing, growth hacking – you may have heard these terms, but not grasp their meaning. Do they conjure images of marketing magic? Something that can be done in seconds to grow your business without costing a cent? Sorry to disappoint you, but the reality is much more scientific.

What is growth hacking?

It’s a form of marketing that relies on data analysis and experimentation. Analysts (a.k.a. growth hackers) study your business and come up with a strategy for optimizing your funnel – for example, through acquisition on select channels (such as search engine optimization, Facebook ads, remarketing, email marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, viral marketing, etc.). The channels they recommend will be the ones that have the greatest potential to work for your business. How do they know? Because they have analyzed the competition and evaluated the state of your business. At Hackabu, for example,
we study your competition's traffic sources and pinpoint under-utilized channels that are most relevant for your market. Then, based on your budget and goals, we create a plan for acquiring customers through those channels and through unique growth hacks. Next, we run experiments to determine which channels yield the highest returns. Then we run multivariate testing to determine which messages best boost those returns. We focus not only on acquiring new customers but also on generating revenue growth among existing users or customers.
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Growth marketing

This interdisciplinary process is brand new

Our team consists of growth hackers with complementary areas of specialization. At Hackabu, we base our approach entirely on your business, not on some pre-determined method. That's because no two businesses are alike! We are completely data-driven. In other words, we don’t prescribe solutions until we understand your business model, industry, and budget.

More than just acquisition

We analyze your business and find the right combination of channels based on that analysis. Once this is done, you can choose to do the promotional work yourself, or let our experts do it for you. We will support you either way. Our growth hackers will focus not only on acquiring new business, but also on ensuring that all your websites are fully optimized and your business model is delivering the best results. Our specialists can help you work on revenue growth and show you new ways to earn money from your users.

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