Automated B2B Lead Generation



Numerous verified leads through automation.

We generate automated potential business customers (leads) who may have an interest in your company’s products or services. With the help of an individual strategy and various tools, these leads are guided through a tailored multi-stage sales funnel.

Our lead generation strategies focus on our clients’ desired target audience and evaluate which marketing and sales channels can best reach the most relevant business customers. The most popular lead generation strategy is based on scraping, where the relevant leads are largely automated. Manual intervention is only required in essential steps, such as setup or constant quality control.

Service Features

Targeted Outreach
Focus on the desired target audience for effective and multi-stage outreach to potential business customers.
Efficient Channel Selection
Evaluation of the best marketing and sales channels to reach the most relevant business customers.
Automated Lead Identification
Use of scraping for the automated identification of relevant leads, with manual intervention only at essential stages.
Experience and Expertise
Years of experience and support from the Hackabu Growth Consulting experts for a successful lead generation process.

Effective B2B Lead Generation with expert guidance.

Expert Knowledge
Our experts with years of experience in this field are here to guide you throughout the entire process. Together, we will develop a multi-stage and cross-channel lead generation strategy and are happy to implement it for you.

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