Automated buying and selling of advertising spaces.

Programmatic Advertising refers to the automated buying and selling of advertising spaces, often involving Real Time Bidding (RTB). With programmatic advertising platforms like Video 360 (DV360), advertising spaces on websites & apps can be automatically and cost-effectively purchased in real time within seconds using various auction processes.

This involves displaying display and video ads on premium internet sites. With very detailed targeting criteria, banners are displayed exactly on the websites where your target audience is currently located.

Compared to Google Ads, Programmatic Advertising offers far more possibilities in terms of targeting, reach, ad variety, and number of conversions (higher potential reach, more ad formats, and booking specific platforms).

Service Features

Precise Targeting
More accurate targeting of the audience compared to Google Ads.
Diverse Banner Formats
Utilisation of additional formats, including extra-large banner sizes.
Greater Reach
Reach on specific URLs and premium websites.
Cost Efficiency
More cost-effective CPC and CPM due to improved targeting options and advanced optimization.

Programmatic advertising for precise targeting, efficiency, and measurable results.

Premium Websites
Programmatic advertising platforms enable the automated and cost-effective acquisition of advertising spaces on premium websites.
Programmatic Advertising offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of targeting, placements, and ad design. Consequently, this leads to particularly extensive optimisation potential for more precise and efficient advertising.
Compared to the Google Display Network, the results of Programmatic Advertising campaigns can be captured and tracked even more accurately.

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