We find the best message for your campaign - before you launch it.

In collaboration with an international partner, we have developed a unique methodology that combines artificial intelligence, human creativity, market research, and a proprietary tool. This allows us to predict the most effective messages for future marketing initiatives and campaigns. With Response Modeling, supported by artificial intelligence, we create hundreds of possible messages (“all conceivable possibilities”) and then identify, through representative market research and the Response Modeling tool, the messages with the proven highest likelihood of success for each target audience segment. All of this is done long before a single Euro is invested in marketing or advertising.

Service Features

Artificial Intelligence
The most effective messages are identified with the help of AI and market research before the campaign begins.
Best Messages
Representative market research enables informed decisions from a variety of artificially created messages.
Data-Driven Decisions
Selection of the most successful messages for each target audience segment for maximum impact.
Increase in Effectiveness:
Customers demonstrably increase the effectiveness of their advertising expenditures through precise message selection.

We find the best message for your campaign.

Data-Driven Decisions
You have the opportunity to make objective and data-driven decisions through representative market research before campaign development. No more decisions based on subjective opinions or assumptions. Well-founded data also significantly simplifies internal decision-making processes.
AI Support
Through extensive message development with AI support and representative market research, you are able to identify the best messages from hundreds of possible ones - not just a few (pre)-tested ones. This is the perfect foundation for the development of an offer, a product feature, or even for briefing your creative agency.
Increased Effectiveness
Well-founded message identification - even per target audience segment - demonstrably increases the effectiveness of your media spendings. Especially in times of tight budgets, this is a significant competitive advantage.

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