Hackabu supports business development.

We offer a diverse range of workshops to support your business in the areas of online marketing and sales, as well as new technologies in these fields. Our individual workshops cover various topics tailored to your needs, such as:

Service Features

Bespoke Solutions
Our workshops are customized to the individual needs of your company.
Comprehensive Research
Effective workshops are created through in-depth analysis of companies, industries, and competitive environments.
Interactive and Practical
Our workshops encourage active participation, solution-oriented approaches, and practical applicability.
Measurable Results
The success of the workshop is measured not only by the knowledge imparted but also by how well you can apply what you have learned in practice.

Online marketing, sales, and strategy, customized for your success.

Comprehensive Briefing
In a comprehensive briefing, the focus and topics for the workshop are jointly determined and can encompass various aspects of the respective subject matter. We place great importance on understanding your company's needs to offer a tailored solution.
Extensive Research
After the initial briefing, we conduct extensive research and delve deeply into your company, industry, and competitive environment. From our perspective, an effective workshop can only emerge when we have thoroughly analyzed and understood your business and goals.
Interactive Workshops
Our workshops are interactive, solution-oriented, and practical. It is very important to us that you can take concrete action steps at the end of the workshop. We measure the success of a workshop not only by the knowledge we have imparted but also by how well you can apply what you have learned in practice. Regardless of whether you proceed with us or with internal resources for implementation.

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