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Our workshop shows you how to replace gut feeling with data-based knowledge!

Tamir Israely

CEO and Co-Founder of Hackabu

Adrian Zettl-Singh

Founding Partner of The Ventury

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Hackabu's love for growth

Hackabu is an interdisciplinary team of growth hackers from around the world who pooled their talents to create a premium growth-hacking service that spans 20 traction channels. Growth is our passion, both professionally and personally. We want our clients' businesses to grow because we want the world to grow.

Who is this workshop for?

This two day intensive growth hacking workshop is for all who want to put their company on the fast track to success. This workshop is for marketing talents who want to be part of the evolution of marketing, as well as sales talents who know there’s more out there for sales as a discipline. If you’re thirsting to understand the true catalyst for growth in our digital age, this is your opportunity to drink from the well! Within this intensive workshop we'll upgrade the skillsets of marketing heads, product developers etc. ... 

Why does my business need growth hacking?

Outgrow your competitors and become the leader of your niche before someone else does using the principles of marketing’s most talked-about and proven method: growth hacking!

Master the ins and outs of this fascinating discipline and gain the insight and experience you need to reach the top of your marketing game, perfect your sales funnel, and follow your data to exponential growth!

2-Day Intensive Growth Hacking Workshop |  weXelerate Vienna


Where? When? Price?

The workshop will take place at weXelerate, CEE’s largest startup hub. This unique setting, in which innovation is lived and breathed every day, will transport you into the future of marketing.

Exact date will be announced soon | Praterstrasse 1, 1020 Vienna | weXelerate

Price: €947 (excl. VAT)

What is Growth Hacking? 

Growth hacking, or growth marketing, is a highly precise marketing discipline that has fuelled the success of such companies as AirBnB, Facebook, Dropbox, and Slack. 

It’s more than just a technique–it’s a mindset. A potent cocktail of product management, digital marketing, analytics, conversion rate optimization, and creativity, growth marketing harnesses the most sophisticated techniques and tools available to make your business prosper in today’s economy. Join today’s biggest brands and become part of the growth movement!

What will I learn?

This workshop will teach you how to achieve sustainable growth, from laying the foundation to structuring the growth process. When it’s over, you will:

  • Master the Growth Hacking process

  • Know the most up-to-date ways to acquire new customers and engender customer loyalty.

  • Learn how to use conversion rate optimization to get the most out of your acquisition efforts and your website traffic.

  • Understand how to use your knowledge of your current customers to gain new customers while simultaneously increasing the lifetime value of your current customers.

  • Grasp how to apply growth marketing within your organization via a hands-on example from a leading innovator, the Österreichische Post!

Who are the speakers?

Learn from a hand-picked selection of some of the world’s best growth hackers and business professionals, whose collective professional experience dates back to the origins of growth hacking and who have achieved exponential growth for multiple startups and corporations!

What's on the agenda?

Growth Hacking Intro and Keynote 

Trends and case studies

Growth Foundations

OMTM, Funnels, Hard+Soft Data, UX,  Personas, Customer Psychology

Acquistion - How to acquire more customers

Piggybanking your competitors, 20 traction channels, Landing Pages


CRO, Persuasion (LIFT), Gamification, Lead Nurturing


Virality, Referral Program

Exercises & Presentations

Growth Backlog, Growth Strategy, Growth Hacking Austrian Post

Day #1

Day #2


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Clients who leverage growth hacking

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Daniel Döller

Head of Energy Services at Österreichische Post

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

When thinking about online marketing, corporates opting for traditional marketing agencies are missing out. Growth Hacking is the way to go today! Growth hacking is definitely not “for startups only”. Setting goals, being agile, making experiments, using the budget properly, and even having your own team trained as growth hacking experts within the company – you can’t top this approach..”

– Daniel Döller

In cooperation with

Total Duration: approx. 8.5 hours

Total Duration: approx. 8.5 hours

Savvas Zortikis

CEO and Co-Founder of Viral Loops


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Our Nordic Competition

  • 2 full days of Growth Hacking Training for you and your team
  • Full understanding of the AAARRR funnel & what channels + techniques to use at each stage 
  • Technical skills needed to use Growth Hacking tools
  • A real Success story in Corporate Growth Hacking
  • Hands-on exercises and practice
  • Experimentation & open discussion
  • 4 speakers & 3 facilitators that teach, help & guide you
  • C - level networking
  • Great location and parking options + free drinks & meals!
  • 2 full days of Growth Hacking courses for your team
  • Full understanding of the AAARRR funnel + how to impact each stage
  • Introduction to Growth Hacking tools
  • Growth Hacking Use Cases
  • Growth Hackers that will help & guide you 
  • Networking

Price: €947 (excl. VAT)

Price: €1297(excl. VAT)

Hackabu's 2-day Corporate Growth Hacking Workshop

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