Digital Marketing and Growth Consulting for your business.

As a leading online marketing and growth consultancy, we offer bespoke national and international growth consulting solutions in the fields of sales and marketing.

Online Marketing

Through comprehensive analysis and innovative ideas, we optimise your online presence, set you apart from the competition, and sustainably increase your revenue.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation automates broad marketing processes, saves time and resources, optimises B2B sales, and enhances success through CRM integration.

Performance Marketing

With a focus on measurable results, bespoke solutions, and transparency, we offer search engine advertising, display advertising, and more, thus enhancing your online visibility.


Programmatic Advertising automates the buying and selling of advertising space through Real Time Bidding. Platforms like Google DV360 enable cost-effective, precise ad placements in real time on premium websites and apps.

Digital and Social Recruiting

 Our agency offers customised social recruiting, integrates employer branding, and utilises data-driven analysis for optimal results. Contact us for effective talent acquisition and a strong employer presence.

Response Modelling

We identify your ideal campaign message in advance. Using response modelling and artificial intelligence, we generate hundreds of potential messages. We then select the most successful ones for each target audience segment through representative market research.

Automated B2B Lead Generation

Our lead generation strategy focuses on our clients’ target audience and identifies effective marketing and sales channels.

AI Consulting

AI offers competitive advantages and requires strategic planning. As part of our consulting services, we develop customised solutions and support staff training for effective integration.


We offer a diverse range of workshops to support your company in the areas of online marketing, sales, and strategic business development.

Creative Services

With our brand BURNING SEVEN DESIGN, we offer tailored solutions for Branding & Corporate Design, Webdesign & Development, and Motion Graphics.

Grow your business with us

Hackabu Growth Consulting specialises in data-driven marketing and sales for B2C and B2B companies. By utilising the latest technologies, automation, AI, and tools, we combine international know-how with creativity to achieve sustainable business growth.

Part of our corporate philosophy is the constant demand for innovation within ourselves. We take time for that.
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Social recruiting: A case study
Recently, we discussed Social Recruiting in a blog post and why it's an excellent way to attract new employees and the benefits it brings to your company, especially when working with us ?. To illustrate this, we would like to present a case study and share our experience with one of our c...
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22 growth hacks you may not know yet
Starting a business is anything but easy, and it can also be quite expensive. Our Hackabu Growth Consulting Team has therefore compiled a list of 22 Growth Hacks and growth factors that will give your company the necessary boost. While there is no magic universal recipe for success, applyi...
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Social Recruiting instead of Newspaper Advertisement
The job market has changed. Job changes are no longer uncommon today, and even the job search process itself has evolved. Do you know anyone who still flips through a newspaper to find their dream job? Not only the search for a new position but also the application process now takes place...
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